Adam Scheuer

Head of Business Development

Adam Scheuer is the head of business development and a Co-Founder at iVigee where he oversees all commercial activity with new and existing clients.  As iVigee is expanding, he also is responsible for partnership opportunities with best in breed complimentary service providers.  

Prior to iVigee, he was heading business development for the premier European pharmacovigilance services provider PharmInvent (acquired by PrimeVigilance/ErgoMed).  As PharmInvent was his initial opening into the world of pharmacovigilance, he was fortunate to learn many of the intricacies of EU GVP by several of the industry's brightest PV experts.  Together, this team was able to complete and provide long term pharmacovigilance solutions to leading American and European innovative companies with market capitalizations between $500MM to $50B USD.  

Before entering the pharmacovigilance industry, he has been involved in growing multiple software and health services companies back in the Bay Area, California where he is from.  

Adam graduated from the Business School at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2001.  In addition, he spent six months studying Economics at the Kent State University program in Geneva, Switzerland.

When not in the office, you may find Adam day dreaming of surf fishing off a sandy beach in South Australia.

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