Kenneth Nordeen

President, CEO (Covigilant)

Kenneth Nordeen, BSEngr, is the President and CEO of Covigilant. He is responsible for the Oracle Argus Expert Implementations and services now offered by iVigee under their PV IT Solutions arm.

Ken started his career in the 80’s as an aerospace engineer working in the defense technology sector. He very quickly got hooked on computer-aided design and manufacturing, and defected from mechanical design into computer software development. This was a time when the world of relational databases was just opening up, and Oracle was a fledgling database company. Ken employed the Oracle database on projects in a wide variety of industries as an independent consultant. In the mid-90’s he was recruited into the pharmacovigilance sector and discovered that he could advance technology while contributing to life-saving pharmaceutical treatments. This was an industry he found fulfilling and would remain in until this day.

For Ken, the new millennium brought with it the discovery of Argus Safety, then offered by a company named Relsys International. As a consultant, he headed up many comparative analysis and implementation projects, and Argus Safety always came out as the clear winner. When Oracle acquired Argus in 2009, that cemented the market leadership position it has held ever since.

In 2013, Ken had the vision to become a premier provider of cloud computing services to the pharmacovigilance space, offering expertly managed Oracle Argus Safety systems. He founded Covigilant and grew the business over ten years through a superior reputation for quality and excellence, pushing the envelope of Argus capabilities well beyond what its designers had imagined.

Ken graduated from the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. He is self-taught in numerous software languages such as Fortran, C++, and PL/SQL, and has attended specialized trainings with Oracle to maximize his effectiveness.

Off the business grid, Ken is an avid golfer, amateur musician and crossword puzzle addict. As a father of six grown children who make him proud, he finds his family time to be most enriching and precious.

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