Marcela Fialova, MD

Chief Operating Officer

Marcela Fialova, MD, Bc, is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of iVigee and oversees all aspects of the organization’s development and growth. Dr. Fialova is an expert at successfully leading small and large teams across various aspects of pharmacovigilance and drug safety practices. She has held multiple roles in both pharmaceutical companies as well as her more recent roles with a growing pharmacovigilance service provider.

Before starting iVigee, Dr. Fialova spent 8 years with PharmInvent (acquired by PrimeVigilance/Ergomed) where she was the head of all pharmacovigilance services leading a team of over 50 members. She not only grew this team from the very early stages, but she was able to maintain extremely high productivity results through massive growth and expansion. Dr. Fialova is passionate about encouraging and strengthening the self-confidence of her colleagues, while sharing knowledge and best practices with them. Her leadership style demands 110% from everyone, but this was appreciated by her team members across 17 different nationalities.

In addition to leadership roles, Dr. Fialova has acted as EU QPPV for innovative biotech organizations and generic pharmaceutical companies. In the recent past, she has participated in 5 pharmacovigilance inspections as the main responsible party. With extreme attention to detail being yet another strong point, she is very often requested by clients and organizations to lead training programs focused on pharmacovigilance systems and processes, their setup and interactions.

Dr. Fialova graduated from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic and holds a Doctorate in Medicine (MD) as well as a Baccalaureate (Bc) in Healthcare Management from the University of Economics in Prague. Additionally, she has received specialized training in Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance at the University of London.

When not leading teams or clients on pharmacovigilance best practices, you might find Dr. Fialova struggling to keep up with her son and husband on family bike trips.

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