Robert Scheiner

Chief Information Officer

Robert Scheiner, MSc, is the Chief Information Officer and Co-Founder of iVigee. He oversees iVigee's ICT systems and services to support the company's clear innovative and modern technology focus both - towards clients, helping optimize their PV IT systems, build scalable digital solutions, as well as meet iVigee's internal needs.

After graduating, Robert started his career lecturing Database Design and Database Management Systems at the University of Technology, Sydney, between 1997-2000. Since then, he has held significant technical and leadership ICT roles in both private and public sectors, mostly internationally, and with persistent focus on modern systems' back-ends, interoperability, service-oriented architectures and data-intensive operations. This included traditional data warehouses, ETLs, (near) real-time analytics, enterprise data hubs and MDMs, distributed and large databases or AI-aware systems.

More recently and within the EU regulatory domain, he has technically led implementations of significant European-wide ICT services - the European Medicines Agency's EudraCT, EudraGxP, Referential terminology and dictionary services (currently SPOR), or the European Banking Authority's EUCLID and Data Analytics services.

He enjoys being hands-on with the latest technologies and finds ways to stay ahead of the innovation curve. In 2011, he developed and published the Wordflex Touch Dictionary - one of the most innovative and critically acclaimed iPad educational apps to date.

Robert graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Informatics and Statistics. He has since continued attending many specialized trainings, gaining relevant qualifications e.g. Certified Information Systems Auditor, Prince Practitioner, Post Graduate Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, or actively following quality sources like / QCon where he has been a regular participant and a Diamond Alumni member.

When not pursuing ICT tasks, he attempts covering favourite folk and rock guitar songs, playing in amateur football competitions, and most of all - seeking adequate activities for a family with three children of varying school ages.

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