DIA Europe 2022 - iVigee's Recap

iVigee has officially attended DIA 2022, in-person at a great venue in Brussels, Belgium. It was an exciting occasion for iVigee, as this will go down as our first ever in-person conference since establishing our organization just six months ago.

For those who were not able to attend, our collective team of Dr. Jan Petracek, Dr. Marcela Fialova, Robert Scheiner and Adam Scheuer came back impressed in many ways. Not only did the turn-out of on-site participants beat our expectations, but the simple reality of seeing familiar and new faces live and in-person was more than a treat.

It was clear that the most interesting topic of discussion at the iVigee booth was the new Pharmacovigilance focused Regulatory Intelligence service iViReg (learn more here). This service is a combined effort between iVigee’s internal PV and IT departments, as well as hundreds of local PV regulatory members from all corners of the globe.

Another interesting realization was hearing from many of our contacts and other exhibitors at the event that it was quite remarkable to see iVigee’s progress in so little time. We have big plans, and let us make it clear, we definitely thank everyone for your compliments, but we can assure you all that this is just the very beginning for iVigee. There is much in store for pharma and biotech organizations in our 10 year plan, and we fully expect to continue beating all expectations in the coming months and years. It will be challenging and fun at the same time.

What a great way to conclude Q1 of 2022. Thank you to all the members of DIA, you put on a super 3-day show. And of course a big thank you to our clients who attended, and all other participants both online and in person.

It has just been announced that DIA 2023 will be in Basel, Switzerland. What a great place to meet, we hope to see you there.

Stay safe,

The iVigee Team

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