Dr. Jan Petracek to be Presenting at this Year's Global QPPV Forum in Amsterdam

Come and join the leading global QPPV Forum, taking place November 8-9, 2022 in Amsterdam!

Jan Petracek, iVigee co-founder and director of the Institute of Pharmacovigilance will be speaking and focusing on "Latest updates from APAC region: with the focus on China regulations".

Also, Jan will be joined by many other amazing individuals from the industry including:
Angela van der Salm, Magnus Ysander, Shahinaz Badr, Vicki Edwards, Gemma Jimenez Sese, Maarten Lagendijk, Elspeth McIntosh, Katarzyna (Kasia) Świderek, Kiernan Trevett, Sophie Radicke, Nicolas Tsiakkas, Willemijn van der Spuij, Georgy Genov, Alison Cave, Dr. Sina Schader, Gabrielle Amselem, Katherine Tyner

More details and registration information at the DIA website: https://www.diaglobal.org/en/c...

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