El cofundador de iVigee participa en el simposio de colaboración de la CFDA NMPA ISoP y la UMC

iVigee is grateful once again that co-founder Dr. Jan Petracek continues to volunteer and provide his PV expertise within the Institute of Pharmacovigilance (IPV).

Later this month on October 21, 2021, Dr. Petracek will be presenting to the Chinese based audience via the virtual symposium on the topics he has co-developed for the “Pharmacovigilance Certification Process” in collaboration with IPV. The Symposium is Session 8 titled “Monitoring the Safety of Medicines in Special Populations”, and is being chaired by Weiyi Xiong, PhD, Center of Drug Reevaluation, NMPA.

This symposium is in collaboration with the National Medical Products Administration(MNPA) and the Center for Drug Reevaluation(CDR) within China, and the International Society of Pharmacovigilance(ISOP) plus the Uppsala Monitoring Center (UMC).

More details on this event can be found at the ISoP website:

To learn more about the Institute of Pharmacovigilance, please review the organization's website here.

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