iVigee’s 2023 milestones

iVigee’s 2023 milestones. We’ve had a few!
As 2023 draws to a close, it’s a good time to review some of iVigee’s key successes and look back over what has been a tremendous year of innovation and growth for us, captured in this post’s slideshow.

And of course, we are continuing this trajectory and planning for 2024, which will surely bring further adoption of our iViReg regulatory intelligence platform, rapid opportunities in the adoption of AI in Pharmacovigilance, and further expansion of our world class PV Services.

Key links:

Subscribe to iViReg Community by credit card for just $225 USD here.

Enrol in our AI in PV Masterclass with CEO Jan Petracek and CIO Robert Scheiner.

Upgrade to Argus 8.4 and demo our iViSight reporting platform with Ken Nordeen. https://www.ivigee.com/services/system-management

Talk to Kane Smith for all our products and PV Services https://www.ivigee.com/services/pv-services including the AI powered iViMedic Contact Centre.

Wishing you a great 2024.


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iVigee's Milestones 2023

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