Senior PV Advisor - We are Hiring!

We are happy to announce, that iVigee is growing and with that, also expanding the team.

We are now looking for a new colleague to fill the role of “Senior PV Advisor”. It certainly is not going to be a boring job – because you will be actively involved with consulting and advising our clients. Your critical thinking skills and PV expertise will be utilized on a daily basis to show our clients’ the safe way through their pharmacovigilance related challenges.

Additionally, in this role, you may be expected to act as our client’s EU QPPV, or as a PV auditor. As this is a senior role, we require previous PV #experience in a similar position along with a detailed understanding of pharmacovigilance from both the local and global perspectives spanning multiple PV areas. The preferred location is the Czech or Slovak Republic.

If you are interested in this role and in joining our iVigee team, please contact us at info@ivigee.com and we will come back to you quickly.

As you may not already know, iVigee is a growing pharmacovigilance service provider, and we are pretty sure our clients would agree that we are quite unique.  We pride ourselves on being Trustworthy Approachable Professionals Enabling Innovation Sustainably.  

And...there are several on-going initiatives that we are working on which all members of our team will certainly have the opportunity to impact.  

Ideas, new-thinking, and a desire to continue learning and implementing our knowledge is fundamental to how we operate at iVigee.  

If this sounds like an organization you would like to be a part of, that's excellent.  Get in touch with us.  There may be a role for you!

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