Feedback on ISoP Annual Meeting

Almudena attended the lSoP Annual Meeting in Verona last week and here is her very valuable feedback:

“As a “first timer” in ISoP meetings, I can say it was a fruitful experience. And the fact that it was my first face-to-face meeting after the pandemic made it even more special.

Covid turned the world upside down, and that also includes the pharmacovigilance world. I would like to highlight the presentation on Risk Communication. This was already a tough area, and if we include the massive exposure new vaccines had these past years, proper communication is even harder. So, I was very pleased and interested in hearing how this was managed in different countries and the after-discussion on how to have a good communication plan.

Of course, not all was centered on the pandemic, so I could also enjoy and learn about the work they do for the training and professional development of both future and current PV professionals.

In summary, I would conclude that this has been a successful experience both professionally and personally.”

If you are still wondering if you should visit the next annual ISoP Meeting, Almudena highly recommends it.

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