Pharmacovigilance Process Optimisation

Review of existing PV processes can make way for positive changes with dramatic increases in efficiency.

Regulatory Intelligence

Being knowledgeable of current up to date regulations provides your teams the ability to have proper and compliant PV systems in place. iVigee Regulatory Intelligence Scanning (IRIS) services will keep you and your organization current with all rules and regulations applicable to your surveillance processes.

PV Training

The competence of your pharmacovigilance team members is related to your audit and inspection results. To make sure our clients are prepared, we provide all levels of pharmacovigilance training and courses can be customized to meet specific requests.

Interim Pharmacovigilance Physicians

Is your pharmacovigilance team in search of a PV physician to cover safety physician activities? Whether it is short or long term, safety physician services are available to meet your request.

Interim Pharmacovigilance Management

Experienced PV management available for short term ad hoc gaps which may occur within your existing team.

Why us?

Meeting Regulations with Creative Solutions

How do you strengthen a system which complies both with regulatory and industry standards? Our team of senior pharmacovigilance experts will show you how to construct functional systems with ingenuity.

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  • Precise analysis
  • Profound and specialised knowledge
  • Customized local resources
  • Divergent thinking

Pharmacovigilance Process Optimisation

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