QPPV Office Services

The workload of the QPPV at times may be significant. We can provide a QPPV office service to relieve your QPPV of repetitive and administrative tasks.

Reference Safety Information & Label Monitoring Updates

Local and regional regulatory authorities are constantly updating safety information which requires reference safety data and labelling to be updated. This is time consuming for a QPPV. iVigee has created a monitoring solution which performs these tasks.

Deputy QPPV

Deputy QPPV resources are available from iVigee to backup your internal or external QPPV. If your organization is anticipating a future or current need for the Deputy QPPV role, we can assist you.

Regulatory Intelligence

iVigee Regulatory Intelligence Scanning (IRIS) services will keep you and your organization current with all rules and regulations applicable to your surveillance processes.

Global, EU, and Local QPPVs

QPPV outsourcing services covering the entire range of Global, EU and Local QPPV roles.

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QPPV Office Services

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