Vendor Selection Guidance

When selecting a new Pharmacovigilance vendor or when there are concerns about limitations of a current or potential vendor.

Pre-qualification of Pharmacovigilance Providers

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Meeting Regulations with Creative Solutions

How do you strengthen a system which complies both with regulatory and industry standards? Our team of senior pharmacovigilance experts will show you how to construct functional systems with ingenuity.

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  • Precise analysis
  • Profound and specialised knowledge
  • Customized local resources
  • Divergent thinking

Vendor Selection Guidance

Please submit your RFI or RFP on this form and we will follow up with your request promptly.

Through a detailed consulting process, we can determine the expected quantity of specific services you are interested in outsourcing. This data will then determine the list of appropriate and qualified vendors who are suited for the required tasks. Afterwards, we can test the PV vendors’ abilities to fulfill the anticipated services through detailed audit style questions plus stress test scenarios. Ultimately, our expert opinion and reasons for the best qualified vendor options will be presented to you as our client. Once a final list of qualified vendors is selected, a final vendor audit can be conducted which should lead to a clear vendor with whom to work.

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