Signal Management

Signal Detection and Validation

A robust signal detection process ensures all identified potential signals travel efficiently and reach their most appropriate conclusion with respect to their validation.

Medical Review of Signals

Our experienced PV Physicians can review signals from the clinical perspective as well as assess the risk and advise on further actions if and when necessary.

Proposals for Precautionary Actions and Signal Evaluations

iVigee can develop proposals for precautionary actions and further signal evaluation along with communicating with regulatory authorities on related topics. When a signal qualifies for further monitoring, iVigee can provide all necessary support as required.

Support of Multidisciplinary Management Teams

Do you feel that the decision-making in signal management committees is costly and confined at some point? Input and support can be provided to overcome challenging but necessary decisions.

Signal Management Optimisation

If your organization is interested in exploring different optimization options for your signal management activities, iVigee experts are prepared to assist you. Gaining efficiencies from implementing optimal procedures can be expected moving forward.

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