An expert view into your Drug Safety Information.


Simplify. Analyse. Visualise.

iViSight is the go-to platform for easy to understand insights on all your safety data, allowing you to make accurate and informed decisions with confidence. 

Simplify your data.

Safety Databases, as with our primary development platform Oracle Argus, can be incredibly powerful and advanced, but they can also be complex and difficult to interrogate in their native form.

iViSight simplifies that by providing straightforward yet detailed holistic views that seamlessly link all your case data together.

iViSight makes light work of simplifying all your safety data.

Get real insights into your safety data.

Analysis made easy.

Case demographics, workflow metrics, temporal data, compliance metrics, signal detection, patient history details, iViSight exposes it all, and with its logical and comprehensive data filtration it can give an instant graphical redisplay at the click of a button.

View that safety data in multiple ways.

Visualise it all.

iViSight can represent your data in multiple easy to understand ways, allowing you to quickly find the most useful representation of the information you need.

Why you need iViSight.

iViSight empowers rapid data-driven decisions, allowing you to optimise your safety strategies while maintaining the highest levels of patient safety and regulatory compliance.

Through sophisticated data mining and analytics, iViSight uncovers hidden safety signals and trends that can provide unique insights into adverse events and product safety profiles. Together with its customisable, real-time reporting features, iViSight enables pharmaceutical companies to make informed decisions with speed and confidence.

iViSight also introduces automation into report generation, reducing manual effort and the risk of errors, and its compliance with 21 CFR standards ensures complete data integrity and regulatory adherence, making it an indispensable tool for pharmacovigilance professionals.

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