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Czech Republic (HQ)

IVIGEE Services a.s.
City Tower
Hvezdova 1716/2b, 24th floor
140 00 Prague, Czech Republic


Slovak Republic

IVIGEE Services SK s.r.o.
Cajakova 5
040 01 Kosice
Slovak Republic

United States of America

Covigilant LLC
1500 District Ave
Burlington, MA,
01803, USA

Our story

Providing Exceptional Support in Challenging Projects

Pharmacovigilance is an ingenious industry full of challenges and strict regulations. The story of iVigee is a narrative of assisting our PV clients to find safety and security. We are connecting the dots with meaningful relations which will bring your organization expected results. Proudly, we are expanding with our clients, as our offices are now both in the USA and Europe.

Our story