Operational support for your PV system.

QPPV Office Services

A full QPPV office support service

iVigee offers everything you need to support your pharmacovigilance system and processes, including partner management, regulatory intelligence, and more.

What is QPPV Office support?

The appointment of a Qualified Person Responsible for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) is a mandatory requirement of pharmacovigilance regulations within the EU and UK and many other countries worldwide. 

It is therefore an essential role for ensuring the compliance of Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAHs) and the medicinal products they have authorised in these regions.

QPPVs are responsible for an extensive list of PV activities under those regulations, and these are usually delegated, or outsourced, for organisational efficiency, thus overall management of various inputs, stakeholders, information, compliance and others may be facilitated by the QPPV office team. 

iVigee provides full support for these QPPV Office Services in close collaboration with the QPPV, ensuring all the routine and ad-hoc tasks they are responsible for are managed in a timely manner, whilst maintaing documented QPPV oversight and full regulatory compliance.

Supporting your PV systems.

Our team of QPPVs and support staff have the experience and expertise to provide a full QPPV office service. We are able to overcome all your operational challenges and meet all your expectations with our structured pharmacovigilance system and maintenance approach.

We combine that deep PV knowledge with our innovative IT technologies such as iViReg, iViSight or iViMedic to maximise efficiency and ensure optimal compliance wherever you need it.

With iVigee, clients gain a partner committed to sustainable practices, ensuring long-term compliance with expert pharmacovigilance management and support.

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Whatever your QPPV support requirements, our expert pharmacovigilance team can provide a comprehensive operational solution.

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