The future of Medical Information Call Centres.


A truly scalable, AI-assisted solution.

iViMedic isn't just an improvement over existing solutions, it's a complete reinvention of how medical information is delivered.

Meeting today's and tomorrow's challenges.

In today's healthcare landscape, the limitations of traditional contact centers are clear. The global demand for swift, precise, multilingual medical information is at an all-time high. 

iViMedic answers this demand and more with a pioneering solution, leveraging innovative AI Large Language Models to deliver instantaneous and accurate medical communication across a multitude of languages and geographies.

Streamlined and cost-effective.

A joint strategic partnership between iVigee’s pharmacovigilance experts and Deloitte’s Risk Advisory and Intelligent Automation teams, iViMedic streamlines operations and provides culturally nuanced, human-like interactions, 24/7. 

By halving the cost of calls and enhancing user engagement, iViMedic sets the new standard for a modern medical information centre.

Why it's so special.

iViMedic's natural, human-like conversations provide safe, accurate support for adverse reactions, product complaints, and basic medical inquiries. 

But what makes iViMedic indispensable is its smart integration of automated and human-assisted interactions, including rule-based workflows and specialist referrals, ensuring comprehensive 24/7 contact support.

Principal benefits.

  • Economic Efficiency: iViMedic halves the average cost of calls through its centralised model.
  • Quick Scalability: Easy deployment and expansion across geographies and languages.
  • Real-Time Analysis: Immediate prioritisation and integration of local data sources.
  • Fit-for-Purpose Architecture: GxP validated, iViMedic integrates seamlessly into any pharmacovigilance landscape.

Smart use of AI.

For organisations striving for efficiency, accuracy, and excellence in medical information delivery, iViMedic offers unparalleled capabilities. 

Its unique combination of generative AI and deterministic rule-based behavior ensures that every inquiry is managed with the utmost accuracy and professionalism.

AI-Human cooperation

Embrace the next generation.

iViMedic isn't just a platform, it's a complete paradigm shift in the processing and communication of medical information. 

Combining the latest in technology and AI, while prioritising user experience and regulatory compliance, iViMedic IS the future of Medical Information Contact Centres.

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