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AI in PV Masterclass

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Keeping up with AI…

Are you or your team ready to meet the skills and knowledge challenges that will be needed for success in a new AI-powered Pharmacovigilance world?

AI literacy is now a must have skill for pharmacovigilance professionals, and understanding and deciding on what, why, when and how to get and keep those skills is a challenge.

iVigee's "AI in PV Masterclass" addresses that by providing a dynamic, hands-on training course that brings corporate teams to the forefront of all aspects Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacovigilance.

Tailored to inspire innovators and early adopters, our unique program is perfect for PV leaders eager to integrate cutting-edge AI, including public and private Large Language Models into their work and systems.

The content is continually updated to keep it accurate and in sync with the fast-evolving AI landscape, with each session custom-designed to align with your team's specific situation, ensuring relevant practical insights and real-world applicability.

About the course.

Adapting content and focus to your needs.

Expert tuition.

iVigee's "AI in PV Masterclass" is a successful program delivered in house, virtually or in person. It offers the right combination of pharmacovigilance and IT expertise. iVigee was first in the world to develop and delvier such a training.

In house version allows to adjust the content to your team, environment, and needs to deliver a rich, hands-on, bespoke skill gaining and enjoyable experience with immediate gain in your daily productivity.

Class Logistics.

  • Ideal for teams of 15-25 people
  • Scheduled over 1 to 3 days or halfdays, with the option of morning or afternoon sessions. Each day includes mixture of presentations, exercises, case studies, with sufficient time for brainstorming and discussions.
  • Delivered online via iVigee's own learning platform or on-site at the client's required location.
AI Training

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