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Argus Overview

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Why choose Argus?

The Oracle Argus Safety Database has always been at the forefront of drug safety operations, the go-to system of choice offering an array of essential features and capabilities

An array of essential features and capabilities.

At its core, Argus simplifies and enhances pharmacovigilance by automating adverse event data collection, processing, and reporting. 

Its robust signal detection and risk assessment tools enable proactive identification of safety concerns, ensuring patient well-being, and it has integrated automation features for case management, reducing human error and accelerating the reporting process.

And its adaptable infrastructure supports global expedited reporting, catering to diverse regulatory requirements worldwide.

Argus' real-time data analytics and custom reporting empower informed decision-making and regulatory compliance, making it an enticing proposition for pharmaceutical companies seeking to improve efficiency and safety across their drug safety operations.

Why upgrade to Oracle Argus?

Argus directly addresses the safety database pain points within the pharmaceutical industry, simplifying safety database configuration and management by reducing complexities and alleviating the resource strain on organizations.

When combined with our iViSight data intelligence tool, the well-refined data model enables clients to identify safety signals and trends swiftly, enhancing their ability to make data-driven decisions.

The Argus global reporting capabilities informed by our iViReg regulatory intelligence tool ease the burden of complying with diverse regulatory requirements, allowing clients to expand their market reach with confidence.

iVigee-enhanced Argus is THE comprehensive solution to address the key industry challenges, improving patient safety and regulatory compliance for our clients.

Why iVigee for Argus?

We’ve been where you are, at pharmaceutical and biotech companies around the world. We are engineers, project managers and systems analysts, trainers, and subject matter experts.

Through our experience in pharmacovigilance operations, quality, and technical system administration, we know the role pharmacovigilance reporting and compliance play in your company’s success.

Today, we apply our understanding of your business processes to optimize your drug safety software solutions.

When you employ iVigee’s optimized Argus solutions, you’ll increase your data consistency and accuracy, gain operational efficiencies, improve your audit readiness, and most importantly, mitigate the risks to patient safety and compliance throughout the life cycle of your product.

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