Risks of Automation, Lessons from Aviation for Pharmacovigilance


At this year's Intelligent Automation in Pharmacovigilance seminar, organized by ISOP (International Society of Pharmacovigilance), there was a wide range of different related topics covered.

What iVigee's executive-chairman and founder of the Institute of Pharmacovigilance, Dr. Jan Petracek presented (full pdf download below) was of particular interest to the international community as it compared two different industries and the risks of automation that exist. Specifically, Dr. Petracek focused on risks within the aviation industry and lessons for pharmacovigilance. The aviation industry has a long standing history of numerous risk minimisation measures, some of which have been in place for many decades and others which are evolving as the times, technology, and actual risks evolve.

Below is Dr. Petracek answering a few questions about his presentation, followed by the full video of his actual presentation, and even further below are the actual slides in PDF format for you to download.