AI in PV Masterclass

Practical course for corporate teams on all Artificial Intelligence matters in PV

Comprehensive AI exploratory course for the next level of pharmacovigilance automation as it is being implemented or considered by innovators and early adopters across the industry. Targeted at all pharmacovigilance professionals across both - business and technology units, they will build the skills to make the right informed decisions on the use of latest technology including Generative AI/LLMs, in a smart and compliant way.

Learning objectives:

  • Show how PV and its technology are rapidly changing
  • Clearly explain various AI fundamentals and technologies e.g. the different layers of AI, or ChatGPT, in a jargon- and bias-free manner
  • Walk through PV AI adoption barriers and challenges and see how to overcome them
  • Discuss the management perspective and challenges - people, skills, governance, audits, and compliance
  • Review what today’s major PV IT vendors, regulators and their platforms do in terms of AI and intelligent automation
  • Increase productivity with GPT prompt techniques for typical PV office workflows and processes
  • Incorporate full GPT prompt intelligence into backend architectures e.g., through Retrieval Augmented Generation pattern, in order to bring it seamlessly into own processes and products in a safe and compliant way
  • Understand how a future PV intelligent automation with PV AI Co-pilot might look like and why

All contents will be: 

  • Freshly updated due to the rapidly changing AI landscape, including the most recent news
  • Focused on highly added information value and PV relevancy, as opposed to vast amounts of publicly available information
  • Context-aware and tailored for client organisation's domain and use-cases

Course logistics:

  • Delivered by two members of iVigee senior management (CEO + CIO)
  • Economically priced and suited for teams of 15 - 25 people (individual pricing for other arrangements available)
  • Run across 3 half-days (mornings or afternoons available), each day presenting two 90 minute sessions split by a break, plus a solid extra time for brainstormings and discussions. Altogether, this is 10+ hours of solid and relevant knowledge tailored for you.
  • Delivered either online via iVigee's own learning platform, or on-premise at client's venue

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