Local QPPV and Local PV Persons

QPPV Services Tailored Globally and Locally

Customized local pharmacovigilance resources allow your organization to take the safe way through in the locations you need. After understanding the geographical reach of your product portfolio, we can develop a schedule to have resources available when you need them.

Local QPPV Network

iVigee‘s network of Local PV experts covers the USA, the entire European Union + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (EEA), UK, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Local pharmacovigilance activities are performed internally by iVigee employees or by sub-contracted local partners/consultants

  • acting as the Local Qualified Person responsible for PV (LQPPV) in respective countries
  • screening local literature
  • monitoring local regulatory intelligence etc.

Each Local QPPV has a nominated and approved Deputy Local QPPV. Quick deployment of the service, based on our experience the setup of the local network does not usually take more than 2-3 months.

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