Beata Bacova joins iVigee 2019s PV Team!


We are thrilled to spread the news that Beata Bacova joins the iVigee Pharmacovigilance Team as PV Project Manager Senior! Beata is an experienced pharmacovigilance specialist, who is responsible and independent in working with a sense of teamwork.

What is Beata 2019s role within iVigee?

Beata will make sure that the client's requirements are fulfilled, the project-related deliverables are completed on time and the project team members accomplish the assigned tasks properly.

We asked Beata a few questions on her first day:

1. What are you going to be responsible for in the coming weeks at iVigee?

    201CIn the first weeks in the company, I will prioritize onboarding training in order to get to know the projects that I will take care of as a PV Project Manager as soon as possible. I will be also involved in the Regulatory Intelligence project. And let's see what else is waiting for me here, at iVigee. 0001F60A 201D

    2. What was it about iVigee that made you want to join the company?

      201CI was particularly impressed by the approach, professional and at the same time human. Also, iVigee's visions and sense for innovation. And the last but not least, the fact that I will be in a team of well-experienced people with whom we can grow and progress together. 201D

      3. What is something you like to do in your free time that most people on LinkedIn have no clue about?

        201CHm, depends on the level of energy and weather. 0001F601 I really enjoy hiking, running, and spending time outside with my two dogs. Also baking, gardening. Or just chilling with good music and doing yoga or solving griddlers. 201D

        Once again, welcome onboard Beata. We are excited to have you here in iVigee!