Farmakovigilance 2022, ISoP Prague Seminar

Marcela Fialova and Jan Petracek will be speaking at the annual “Farmakovigilance 2022” seminar. It is traditionally delivered in Czech or Slovak language and is held in Prague, Czech Republic. The seminar is organized by the Institute of Pharmacovigilance z.u. in cooperation with ISoP.

Marcela will be covering PV Regulatory Intelligence and specifically focus on how to learn the local PV requirements.

Jan’s topic is titled “Adrenalin pharmacovigilance: Lessons learnt from the dramatic PV stories in our era”.

The seminar will cover the most important local and global developments in pharmacovigilance and will be delivered by experienced speakers and leaders in the field.

If you are interested, read more on how to register here: https://www.pvinstitute.org/farmakovigilance-2022/

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