Innovative Technologies to Solve PV Regulatory Challenges

As Chief Information Officer at iVigee, Robert Scheiner has and will be involved in many projects moving forward. With his experience in IT project management, his 20+ years contributing and working directly within the IT field, and his genuine interest in Information Technologies, the iVigee Team is always excited to hear updates for the initiatives he leads.

One significant project that Robert is leading involves a new innovative approach to uncovering, validating and distributing to pharmaceutical and biotech organizations real-time PV regulatory intelligence from countries around the globe. This service will be released commercially in the near future, and as you may already know, the service is known as iViReg (release details can be found via our iViReg newsletter here, join this now is a great idea!)

Creating and developing the iViReg suite of services has relied heavily on Robert’s guidance and validation process expertise, which ultimately will allow our clients a reliable data source for global PV regulatory intelligence.

A project such as launching iViReg is quite an endeavor. And there have been many challenges along the way. With a great team, and good decision making, Robert and his project team have been able to overcome these challenges. A few of these challenges are listed below:

  • Local regulations in individual countries are often interpreted differently by different local experts
  • It can be a challenge to keep published regulations up-to-date
  • Distribution of intelligence once updated is not always reliable

If you are interested in learning more about Robert and his current projects and past experiences, we welcome you to visit one of his training courses.

June 20-22, Robert will be attending and speaking at DIA’s “Best Practices for Data Supervisors in Pharmacovigilance”.

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