Intelligent Automation In Pharmacovigilance Seminar Coming Soon


In early December, iVigee is happy to announce that one of our founding members Dr. Jan Petracek will be the lead coordinator at ISOP's 5th Annual "Intelligent Automation in Pharmacovigilance" Seminar based in Boston.

It is clear that the topic of automation exists in many industries worldwide. Plus, with this discussion happening for several years now, the evolution of automation within the pharmacovigilance world both locally and globally is picking up steam and evolving to benefit all stakeholders.

Patients, payers, physicians, regulatory bodies as well as life sciences companies are being forced to recognize and implement the beneficial aspects of automated processes. But the debate on exactly how, when and where to implement these changes is perfect for the overall discussion topics once again this year.

The dates of this seminar are December 6-7, 2021. For details regarding the current agenda with speakers and their associated PV automation topics, CLICK HERE.

The 4 different sessions for this years event will be as follows:

  • Session 1: State of the Art 2013 Academia and Innovative Pharma
  • Session 2: New Views from Regulatory Agencies
  • Session 3: Updates from Industry Consortia and Technology Providers
  • Session 4: New experience with methodology, science and technology

With Dr. Petracek leading several of these discussions, it will be a great place to learn more about his ideas and thoughts surrounding this automation topic, and a perfect setting to ask specific questions to any of the speakers and experts.

For specific consultations or inquiries regarding best practices with PV automation, feel free to contact us directly via our contact page and we can explore your project's needs.