Introducing iViReg 2.0


We are excited to announce the launch of our cutting-edge, GxP-validated, cloud-based knowledge management system dedicated to PV regulatory intelligence. During our development efforts, we recognized different unmet needs for such systems for regulatory authorities and for industry.

iViReg 2.0 will provide agile PV teams with a comprehensive array of benefits, including:

  • A robust cloud-based knowledge management system specialized in pharmacovigilance, spanning more than 100 countries. Notably, it encompasses workflows for regulatory intelligence alerts, marking a pioneering global application.
  • The latest interpretation of regulations is provided by the local PV experts. This enables a comprehensive grasp of the PV regulatory landscape and its implications for you and your organization. Our commitment extends beyond delivering the latest regulatory information 2013 we also assist in interpreting and comprehending its significance for your operations.
  • Advanced queries empowered with export functions to compare countries and set data points of profiles.

iVigee's innovative, cloud-based system provides you with trustworthy, current, and insightful PV regulatory intelligence. This invaluable resource empowers informed decisions regarding your PV projects and strategies, ensuring compliance and efficiency while remaining attuned to industry developments.

To discover more about the possibilities of iViReg 2.0, we invite you to visit our website to view a demonstration or get in touch with Jen Fitzpatrick, Director, Sales Enablement and Contracting at

Your journey towards enhanced PV excellence starts here.

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