It Is Official, Eva Nosalova Has Joined the iVigee Team


There has been a number of exciting moments during the early formation of the iVigee team, and today is another one to remember. We are very pleased to announce that Eva Nosalova has joined the iVigee team as Pharmacovigilance Project Manager and LCPPV and will be based out of our new Slovak Republic office in Ko 0161ice.

Eva has spent the past five years providing a range of PV services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies at her previous positions within both PrimeVigilance and PharmInvent in Prague, Czech Republic. Her 201C we-can-do-this 201D mentality and her always amazing attitude has cemented the fact that Eva will be known for a very long time as a key hire for the iVigee team. If history repeats itself(and there 2019s no reason it won 2019t), there will be many clients who are just as happy to work with her everyday just the same as her internal teammates.

Along with her industry experience, Eva completed her education by obtaining her Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree from the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Ko 0161ice, Slovakia. At this same school, she previously completed her Master of Pharmacy degree.

There are many challenges and opportunities ahead for Eva, but to give you an idea, one of her early assignments is building out the Local Contact Person for PV Network (LCPPV/Local QP). Eva has plenty of firsthand experience working as a LCPPV and Deputy EU QPPV which should help jump right into this new role. Once again, congratulations to Eva, we could not be happier to have her onboard.