iVigee in Boston

🚀 iVigee in Boston 🚀
The iVigee team, comprising of Ken Nordeen, Kane Smith, Jan Petracek, Tereza Cibulova, and Robert Scheiner, participated in the 7th ISoP Boston Seminar on Intelligent Automation. This year's seminar marked a pivotal moment, with discussions centered around the integration of AI in PV. Notably, Jan Hejtmánek from Deloitte presented on IRENA, which forms the foundation for iViMedic, highlighting the advanced capabilities of intelligent voice bots on case intake. This shift in the industry underscores the need for professionals to continually enhance their skills in this dynamic environment.

🤖 Robert Wows with AI Demonstration🤖
A key highlight was Robert's ground-breaking presentation, which illustrated the synergy between AI models and the iViReg regulatory intelligence database. This integration allows for interactive dialogues with an extensive array of regulatory documents and expert insights, covering over 40,000 documents from 20 countries, with the full database encompassing over 90 countries. The attendees were particularly impressed by the sophisticated combination of AI models and the system's architecture.
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🌐 Jan Outlines His Vision for AI in PV 🌐
Jan Petracek, a PV veteran and pivotal figure in this seminar since its inception, offered a comprehensive overview of AI's current impact on pharmacovigilance processes. He projected significant advancements in AI regulations and its application in signal management and benefit-risk assessment by 2024.
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Thank you to all participants for their enthusiasm and engagement during the seminar. With the rapid pace of AI adoption and implementation, next year’s event will surely have a lot for discussion! Contact Kane Smith directly if you would like a demo of iViReg or any of our other products and services. 🌟

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