iVigee Portfolio


Great news! Our services have been divided into three streams: PV Consultancy, iViReg, and PV IT Solutions. It 2019s the perfect time to share with you the key facts about iVigee.

PV Consultancy includes PV Systems, QPPVs, Signal & Risk Management, Audits and much more. The review of existing pharmacovigilance processes can make way for positive changes with dramatic increases in efficiency.

If you don 2019t know the regulatory differences for pharmacovigilance, you can check your compliance against pharmacovigilance requirements around the world in iViReg.

PV IT Solutions is about bringing technology and data management expertise into drug safety. Let us drive new implementations, integrations, and optimizations of your pharmacovigilance technology landscape.

More information can be found in our company portfolio. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to reach out to us at