iViReg Community subscription package!

iVigee launches breakthrough iViReg Community subscription package!
Pharmacovigilance professionals can now gain access to our world-leading iViReg platform through a simple online entry-level subscription, allowing them to access core features of iViReg in one easy step.

And in a unique opportunity within the world of pharmacovigilance, you can tap into the power of iViReg and also be rewarded for any accepted additions to its rich global intelligence database.

iViReg currently provides unique intelligence insights for over 90 countries, providing the specific information pharmacovigilance experts need to maintain compliance around the world, all in one easy to use centralised knowledge system.

With iViReg Community, subscribers can now collaborate with others to add to that knowledge, AND be rewarded in the process, creating a revolutionary win-win system that benefits all.

Join us on this exciting collective journey and sign up to gain access to real, relevant, and usable global regulatory intelligence, with the potential to become a valued and respected leading contributor within the pharmacovigilance world.

Learn more about iViReg Community here.

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