Jana Hyankova at RQA Course

Exciting news for all professionals in the pharmaceutical industry!

The Research Quality Association (RQA) is offering a comprehensive course A System Approach to Good Pharmacovigilance Practice. Our very own, Jana Hyankova, MD Head of PV will be the Course Principal and tutor. This course presents a unique opportunity to explore the application of EU regulatory requirements to the global PV system and to share techniques for maintenance and improvement of the PV System.

As a delegate, you will benefit from a systematic investigation of the PV System and its Quality System, and an exploration of how to investigate the complex PV System. Additionally, we will discuss how to monitor and maintain the PV system and assure compliance, and you'll learn how to maintain 'inspection readiness'.

The course is scheduled from 06-08 June 2023. Don't miss out on this valuable educational opportunity presented by the RQA! You can now register at https://www.therqa.com/learn-develop-connect/courses-and-events/events/course/system-approach-to-good-pharmacovigilance-practice/.

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