Jana Hyankova delivering course for RQA

iVigee’s Head of Pharmacovigilance training for RQA.
Jana Hyankova
will be delivering a key RQA pharmacovigilance course for PV and auditing professionals ‘A Systems Approach to Good Pharmacovigilance Practice’ for the Research Quality Association from the 28th to the 30th of November.

Jana will be bringing her experience and insights on pharmacovigilance and quality systems and how these two components interact to create a holistic and compliant approach to the European regulatory framework. In addition, delegates will explore:

  • Risk-based approaches to system auditing.
  • Maintaining ‘inspection readiness’.
  • Systems flexibility and improvement.

You can still register for this event at https://www.therqa.com/learn-develop-connect/courses-and-events/events/course/system-approach-to-good-pharmacovigilance-practice/

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