Join Dr. Jan Petracek in November 2021 at ISOP & WHO PBRER Meeting


Dr. Jan Petracek will be speaking on November 18, 2021 at this year's International Society of Pharmacovigilance meeting which is organized in collaboration with the World Health Organization. The theme of this meeting is Periodic Benefit-Risk Evaluation Report (PBRER) Making and Assessment.

During the opening sessions, Dr. Petracek will be covering the topic of Benefit vs Risk Assessment: Concepts and Principles. Other speakers will be covering different aspects of the Benefit vs Risk concepts such as: EMA's method, Industry practices all followed by a panel discussion. During this ISOP meeting, audience members who are tuned into this free meeting will have the opportunity to ask the panel their own questions related to covered topics.

For full details on the agenda of this meeting and for a full list of the topics addressed, please refer to the event's registration page:

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If you would like to contact Dr. Jan Petracek for any follow up questions specific to your organization's pharmacovigilance needs, please feel free to use the contact form located on the bottom of this website, or you can email