WDSC Americas Wrap

A fabulous end to WDSC Americas in Boston for the iVigee team!
Thank you again to the folks at Terrapinn and to the many attendees who came and waited patiently to see our products and live demos, and most importantly gave us great feedback. And that’s been the most exciting thing for us because it’s overwhelmingly clear we are creating world-beating platforms which are revolutionizing PV technology, giving PV professionals exactly what they want and need, plus things they didn’t think possible until now.

And on that note, we will have some big news shortly about our iViReg platform, giving more opportunities to access the growing global community behind the transformation from regulatory information to true regulatory intelligence for pharmacovigilance. Stay tuned, it’s just weeks away.

If you want any information about iViReg, iViSight our next-gen safety reporting platform, our AI-powered iViMedic contact center, or our PV and Argus services, just reach out to Business Director Kane Smith.

iVigee is a world-leading technology company that specializes in combining AI, IT, and industry expertise to create simple, powerful, and elegant solutions that revolutionize the field of pharmacovigilance.

Find out more about us at www.ivigee.com

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