Festive greetings from everyone at iVigee!

Festive greetings from everyone at iVigee!

Wishing all our clients, partners, industry colleagues and organisations a fabulous time over the festive period. As is traditional at this time, many people are still busy buying presents. Are you still searching for that perfect gift? Do you need some inspiration? We have some suggestions…

A subscription to iViReg Community.
Buy a year’s worth of access to the world’s leading regulatory intelligence platform, covering 90 countries, and full of the latest PV-relevant information. Just $225 USD with an easy credit card purchase gets you the best value product of the year at https://www.ivigee.com/services/ivireg.

Get informed and ahead with some training.
The promise of AI for pharmacovigilance is finally making a real impact, and 2024 is going to see substantial changes in adoption, especially following the EU AI Act. So how can you stay ahead? Enroll in our AI in PV Masterclass and let our CEO Jan Petracek and CIO Robert Scheiner show you the latest…and what’s coming. https://www.ivigee.com/services/ai-in-pv-masterclass

Got an Argus safety database running lower than version 8.2.3.?
If that’s a yes then non-compliance will be heading your way in 2024 as Oracle 8.4 rolls out and support for earlier versions ends. Reach out to Ken Nordeen to see what festive deals he can do to avoid regulatory headaches. He’ll throw in a demo of our iViSight reporting platform for free! https://www.ivigee.com/services/system-management

PV Services to brighten 2024.
Systems, QPPVs, Signal and Risk Management, Auditing, everything you need! Find out how to make your 2024 much easier by reaching out to Kane Smith, who can create a great festive deal for you across all our products and services.

Talk to us, and Santa, to wrap up a great festive package!


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